Feeling the Burn? Mosquito Joe can rid your yard of Fire Ants!

A close-up of an ant resting on a blade of grass.Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and now, fire ants! Mosquito Joe of Macon now provides fire ant treatments to our residential and commercial customers. Here in Georgia, fire ants are no joke, and Mosquito Joe knows just how to eradicate them so that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors bite-free.

How do Fire Ants Nest?

Fire ants build mounds in almost any type of soil, but prefer open, sunny areas such as pastures, parks, lawns, meadows, and cultivated fields. Mounds can reach 18 inches in height, depending on the type of soil. Often mounds are located in rotting logs and around stumps and trees. Colonies also can occur in or under buildings. Fire ants live in colonies in the soil and the mound you see above ground represents just a portion of the entire nest.

white vector image of fire ant on green background

The single queen colonies are territorial. Multi-plan queen colonies move freely from one mound to another, which results in a dramatic increase in the number of mounds per acre. Areas infested with single queen colonies contain 40 to 150 mounds per acre (rarely more than 7 million ants per acre). In areas with multiple queen colonies, there may be 200 or more mounds and 40 million ants per acre.

How Does Mosquito Joe of Macon Treat Your Yard for Fire Ants?

To make sure we achieve maximum effectiveness, we treat your yard with broadcast treatments 4 times a year and treat individual ant mounds that can be visually seen. Just like our mosquito treatments, no contracts are required, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

FAQs about Fire Ants in Macon, GA

Are fire ants common in Georgia?

Fire ants are very common in southern states such as Georgia! They originate from South America and most likely made their way over tucked-inside of shipments of fruit years ago. Fire ants enjoy warm and sunny conditions, so they’ve made a happy home in places like Macon, Georgia.

How can you tell if it’s fire ants?
It can be tough to identify fire ants in Macon, GA since they are so small, but they do have a few defining features. In addition to their reddish-brown coloration, fire ants have stingers, and their pedicel – the piece connecting their thorax and abdomen – has 2 segments that look like bumps on their waist. The experts at Mosquito Joe can identify and treat these burning biters for you!

Say Goodbye to Fire Ants with Mosquito Joe of Macon

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